who are we?

Join Hackberry on its mission to inspire and empower the next generation! We currently offer courses in coding, STEAM, Design thinking, and entrepreneurship. We also run our flagship Kidpreneur Competition – a business plan competition for students aged 10 -15.

We've trained over 10000 students in coding, and entrepreneurship. We've run our programs at schools including Bombay International School, DSB International School, Fazlani L'Acedemie Global, and JBCN, Parel, American School, The Bombay Scottish, Todden, AIS, and Ascend International.

Our programs are created to build curiosity, active engagement, and to encourage learning by doing. Our innovative curriculum is designed to augment formal education and is the collective brainchild of experienced coders, and educators – many of whom happen to be parents!  Using small class teaching, student learning is optimized to their needs and their pace. Lastly, every class is FUN, engaging and interactive!

We now run our flagship programs in an online format, and have launched Teachberry, a platform to make it easy for schools to teach coding to their students.


Our Founders

Ashni Dwarkadas (Co-Founder): Ashni, an erstwhile Investment Banker, has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and is passionate about early education. She is dedicated to developing fun educational programs to impart imagination, creativity, problem-solving skills, curiosity, and an adaptability to succeed. Ashni is a mom to a curious 9-year-old and an energetic 6 year-old, who continue to be the primary inspiration for all the program launches at Hackberry!

Anisha Parikh (Co-Founder): Anisha is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys the challenge and excitement of building different businesses. Her love for coding and technology, coupled with an interest in the education industry transpired the beginning of Hackberry. She believes it’s important to feel comfortable with technology early in life, which is why she has made it her mission to bring high quality and fun classes to kids.Anisha enjoys yoga, music and spending time with her daughter.


Swati has been at the forefront in creating and developing the content for the courses that Hackberry offers. An alumnus of Welingkar Institute of Management University with 11+ years of professional experience, Swati is an education enthusiast with a passion for Coding and STEAM. A voracious reader with a penchant for travel, Swati loves creating curriculum, and enjoys teaching too.

Our Teachers

Alpa Thakkar, Coding Instructor

An experienced Engineer by profession who has over 8 years of experience, Alpa has demonstrated exceptional analytical reasoning while explaining concepts to the students. Her interests rally around 3 Ts, namely Teaching, Technology and Travelling

Nappinnai Venkatesh, Coding Instructor

Nappinnai is an Engineer in ECE who has worked in the software industry for 5 years. A very passionate and kind teacher who loves to teach, Nappinai uses real world examples to teach complex concepts to make them easy to understand. She teaches Roblox and Scratch classes at Hackberry.

Nehal Vora, Coding Instructor

Nehal is an MBA with over 5 years of experience. A passionate and gentle teacher, Nehal is an expert at simplifying complex concepts for our youngest learners. Her enthusiasm for learning and her ability to connect with her students make her classes engaging and fun!

Shalini Mukherjee, Coding Instructor

Shalini is a computer science engineer who has a passion for teaching. She enjoys her time with young minds and has worked in the capacity of a computer teacher for 2 years. Besides teaching coding, she is an avid reader and likes to practice yoga.

Tanazz Anklesaria, Coding Instructor

Tanazz has been working with children in different capacities for the last 8 years. Her animated style of taking sessions and her ability to break down a concept makes her session with the youngest of children fun yet informative.