Are you an educator who shares the belief that coding is the new literacy for our next generation? Bring coding and computational thinking to your classrooms!

Do you want your children to be equipped with problem solving skills resilience, creativity and motivation? Then teach them to think like Entrepreneurs!

Hackberry offers a range of curriculum for Computational Thinking, Coding, and Entrepreneurship for Schools, for students aged 4-15 year olds. Based on your needs, we can customize our courses and develop tailored content to fit your needs. We will send trained teachers to deliver the curriculum to your students in a customized formats, including:


Hackberry can create one-off introductory workshops to introduce the kids to coding concepts, computational thinking, or new technologies. We can also create workshops to introduce kids of various ages to Entrepreneurship concepts such as business plan writing, coming up with a big idea, etc.

After School programs:

At Hackberry, we offer after school programs curriculum for Computational Thinking, Coding, and Entrepreneurship, for students aged 4-15 year olds. Classes will be held once a week for one hour for the duration of the term / academic year.

Holiday Camps:

Hackberry can hold Holiday Camps for all our courses in schools for a duration of 1 week, or longer as desired during holidays – mid-term breaks, summer breaks, Diwali breaks and Christmas breaks.

Integration within curriculum:

Hackberry can partner with your staff to integrate its programs to run within the school curriculum. We offer 8 week programs, 12 week programs, or full year programs. We would provide:

  • Trained Staff
  • Low student teacher ratio
  • Customised curriculum and student materials
  • Grades K-10

Do you want your child to experience college life at Stanford University?Apply for Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Summer Program!

What is SPCS?

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies is a department at Stanford Continuing Studies that provides rare academic opportunities to pre-collegiate students. Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes was created to provide groups of international students the opportunity to experience American college life by traveling to Stanford and engaging in a variety of academic, social, and cultural activities.

Hackberry and SPCS

Hackberry, in collaboration with Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Studies (SPCS) invites academically talented students an opportunity to attend the Pre-collegiate program at Stanford for 2 weeks in July, 2019 for children between 14-17 years old.

Admission is selective.5-8 applicants will be selected by Hackberry to attend the program. Hackberry will conduct an orientation for the admitted cohort in Mumbai before they attend the summer program.A Hackberry chaperone will accompany the student cohort to the Stanford University campus, and stay with them through the duration of the course.

About the Program

Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes provides motivated pre-collegiate students an extraordinary American college-life experience on Stanford University’s campus. Held in collaboration with education organizations, this two-week summer program breaks the mold of the traditional classroom with curricula and methodologies that engage participants in a transformative educational experience.

This program encourages participants to develop skills in problem solving, collaborative work, and critical and creative thinking through an eclectic series of workshops. Participants attend these workshops in small groups of 12–15. Each group is assigned a balance of science, technology, humanities, arts and leadership development topics.

The workshops are exploratory in nature and are taught in a seminar-style setting that emphasizes participation, interaction, communication, and developing critical thinking skills. Instructors bring their particular areas of expertise to provide insight into a variety of academic and professional fields.

Date : July 9th to July 21st, 2019.
Cost : Rs.500,000
(The total cost of the program includes housing, meals, field trips, academic program, and airport transportation. It does not include airfare, visa, medical insurance, etc.)

Application Process

Along with the application form, students need to submit 2 recommendations – one from a peer, and another from a teacher.

  • Students need to fill in the Application Form on the Hackberry website on or before May 20th, 2019
  • Along with the application form, students need to submit 2 recommendations – one from a peer, and another from a teacher.
  • These may be submitted in physical copy, or via email (to be received by Hackberry directly from the teacher / peer along with their contact details for verification)
  • Final selections will be made, and admitted applicants will be informed by May 22nd, 2019.

Applications are now open. Apply now!

Want to plan something new and different for your child’s birthday? Let them explore the world of coding though our Coding themed parties! We can custom create a range of activities, games, stalls, and even returns to create a memorable experience for all the kids! Contact us for more details.