Business Opportunity

If you aspire to elevate your entrepreneurial journey, consider becoming a Hackberry Coding Center franchisee. Gain access to our coding curriculum, Learning Management System (LMS), and product training, enabling you to deliver high-quality coding, Al, and Robotics education for students from Grade 1st to Grade 10th and also provide Certified Teacher Trainings for Coding Teachers.

The Franchisee Offering

Hackberry provides franchisees with

Curriculum: Engaging coding, AI, and robotics programs tailored to different age groups from grades 1 to 10.

Learning Management System (LMS): Advanced digital platform for seamless education delivery. Access to LMS as long as contract lasts with lesson plans, curriculum and more.

Teacher Training: Comprehensive training programs to ensure quality instruction. Self paced training available at all times.

Quality Audits: Regular assessments to maintain high educational standards. Support from Hackberry to provide highest quality.

BRAND USAGE: Franchisees are authorized to use the Hackberry brand name for marketing and promotions with prior approval. Leverage our strong brand recognition to attract students and parents.

The Franchisee Responsibilities

Learning Infrastructure: Provide suitable space and facilities for education delivery along with laptops/desktop and internet.

Local Marketing: Promote Hackberry programs to attract students and drive admissions. Manage student enrolments and maintain relationships with parents.

Teacher Recruitment and Training: Recruit qualified instructors and ensure they receive proper training. Basic background in programming recommended.

Curriculum Implementation: Oversee the effective delivery of Hackberry curriculum while maintaining high quality.


Desired Franchise Profile:

We are seeking dynamic entrepreneurs with sound investment capacity and a commitment to providing next-generation skill programs to school-age kids.

Hackberry Franchise Fees and Royalties:

For the Indian market the franchise fees are Rs.1 lakh plus 18% GST for the year plus 20% royalty for a one year agreement.
For an international franchise, the franchise fees amount to USD 8000 for a Signal Unit Franchise, along with 20% of royalty for a two-year agreement.

Payback Period:

The payback period can be achieved in approximately 2 years, contingent upon operational efficiency, overheads and franchisee commitment.

Role and Responsibility of the Franchisee:

The franchisee is responsible for investing in capital and working capital, providing learning infrastructure, hardware, and software applications, ensuring an internet connection, recruiting and training teachers, and driving admissions and academic quality along with end-to-end operations.

Role and Responsibility of Hackberry:

Hackberry's role includes providing limited usage under the franchise agreement of the brand name and products, such as curriculum, LMS, teacher training, and books. They also offer expertise in running and managing the business, as well as support with recruitment and teacher training.

Other Associations Offered by Hackberry:

Hackberry offers an area development model, which includes multiple franchise locations, as well as a master franchise agreement covering a particular city or country, subject to discussion.

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