It was a splendid experience at Stanford Pre-collegiate Program. Extremely knowledgable, and help to get a clear view about further studies. Friendly atmosphere with other students made which made the trip more fun. Looking forward to the next trip with Hackberry and would recommend others to choose Hackberry.

– Yash Kansal, 15 attended SPCS with Hackberry

My son Veer Makkar has just completed a two week summer program at Stanford Pre-collegiate Studies. He was selected by Hackberryfor this program.It was a wonderful experience for him. There were many activities planned for the kids and they were given an insight into several subjects and their scope. Their group had 75 kids from all over the world . Veer has definitely gained a lot from this experience .

– Mrs.Minal Makkar, Mother of Veer Makkar,17

It brings me great joy to share my experience with the Hackberry Team. This being my first solo international experience to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, I was apprehensive as to the management, coordination and arrangements to be made. Hackberry cleared all my queries and prepared me for my forthcoming trip. They coordinated with SPCS themselves and provided us with all required information well in advance. Also Ms.Purvi, our chaperone was extremely helpful, kind, always by our side, and a good person by heart. She indeed was the best guide for all the students in spite of us being miles away from our country. I thereby convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Hackberry Team.

– Rohan Shinde, 15