Why do schools love Hackberry?

Hackberry becomes your partner in the implementation and success of all your tech initiatives
  • 📋 NEP-Aligned, STEM.org Accredited Coding Curriculum that seamlessly integrates into your school's existing framework
  • 📅 Interactive Online Learning Management System that serves as a centralized platform for managing coding lessons, assignments, and student progress
  • 💡 Gold-Standard Teacher Training Programs for Continuous Professional Development with modules spread through the entire academic year
  • 📚 Engaging, High Quality Workshops for students, parents, and teachers, on the latest technologies and learning and using tech tools
  • 🏅 Supplemental Coding Reference Books offering in-depth explanations, coding examples, and practice exercises to enhance understanding and knowledge retention
  • 👫 Student Coding Competitions for students to showcase skills, fuel passion for coding, and promote computational thinking


Students Projects

Rock, Papers, Scissors

A classic game of Rock, Papers and Scissors for students to understand the working of game logic.

Lap Timer

This program helps you track laps using a timer. Count the laps and time taken for each lap.

Virtual Drum Kit

A Virtual Drum Kit that plays different instrument sounds on press of different keyboard keys.

Roll The Dice!

A dice based game that asks the user to predict a random number rolled by the dice within limited number of tries

Simple Calculator

This program is a calculator based app that uses basic arithmetic operations and creates a mobile app.

Number Eater

A number game that keeps adding numbers until a special number is entered. Displays the sum of all entered numbers

Password Generator

This program uses a combination of alphabets, number and special symbols to generate a strong and random password.

Stranger Strings

A strange program to reverse the given word or a sentence.

To Do List App

This is a To-do List App to make a handy list of our daily tasks with dates.

Weather App

A Weather App that checks real-time weather for any given city and shows relevant information about it.

Image Detection

This program uses AI to detect a particular image from a given set of images.

Spam Detector

This program uses AI to detect spam messages from a given set of mesages.


This program focuses on identifying words and sentences as Anagrams. A word or a phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word is called an Anagram

Decoding Sentiments

An AI based Sentiment Analyzer that reads words, sentences and heavy texts to figure out their sentiments as Positive or Negative


We introduced the Hackberry Coding program to our Grade 3, 4 and 5 students last year. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the programme immensely. They learned the basics of programming using Scratch. We were extremely satisfied with the content knowledge of the instructors and their handling of the students. We look forward to a long-term association with Hackberry.

Mrs. Nita Row Junior School Head at Bombay International School

The Training content was well-structured and I could see that most of our staff were having different levels of knowledge of this tool, however, could easily pick up from their level of familiarity. I am certain that our staff now feels more equipped.

Atreyi Saha Vice Principal, The Orchid School - Pune.

We implemented coding by Hackberry in our school for students from STD 2 –STD 10 from the past 1 year. Teachers had been meticulously trained to every detail of coding syllabus which includes Scratch Jr, Scratch, MIT App inventor, HTML & CSS. The best part is the versatility of learning.

Ms. Poonam Patil ICT Trainer, St. Anthony's Convent School

The coding programme led by passionate and experienced Hackberry educators at school is a favourite amongst many students at school. Teachers provide opportunities for both critical and creative thinking thereby facilitating students to make connections to real life situations, problem solve, generate novel ideas and develop new perspectives. We appreciate the promptness and 'let's do it' and 'yes we can' attitude of the Team

Kinjal Shah PYP Coordinator at Fazlani L' Academie Globale

School Partners


What is Hackberry?

Hackberry is an education company offering unique programs that facilitate the overall development of 5 to 15 year-olds through fun and learning. We are on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation through coding, design, and entrepreneurship.

What is the accreditation status of your curriculum?

Our curriculum is accredited by STEM.org, ensuring it meets high standards in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

How is your curriculum aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP)?

Our curriculum is aligned with the National Education Policy as well as various board guidelines (CBSE & ICSE), ensuring that it meets the evolving educational needs and standards set by the government.

What data from the student / parents will be required for this program?

We understand that data can be a very sensitive subject, hence, we have solutions which do not require any personal data of the student or their parents. Our system will auto-create unique credentials for every student.

What infrastructure is required to implement your program in schools?

The basic requirements include a computer lab with internet access is all that is required. To implement AI related modules, the school will need to invest in small speakers and web cameras to enable motion-based and sound-based classification. Detailed specifications will be provided upon enrollment.

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