What I loves most about Hackberry Coding was that it was fun and easy to follow. It let our creativity flourish!

– Bianca, age 10

What I learnt from Hackberry’s Entrepreneurship Program was how to stay responsible and work hard for money!

– Anousha Narayanaa, age 10

The best thing about Lemonade Stand Kids Entrepreneurship was learning about customer service and how to make a profit.

- Nia Patwardhan, age 9

After completing Hackberry's Entrepreneurship Program I learnt that you can achieve almost anything, if you try.

– Vedika Sabnavis, age 11

The most fun part for me was actually coming up with a business and creating products!

– Advika Mehta, age 10

The best part of Kidpreneur Program was starting a business, learning about marketing and customer service!

– Reid Kaikini, age 11