A platform built for Schools to equip them to teach kids coding from Grades 1 - 10

An online learning platform designed to help schools implement a coding program for grades 1 - 10.

Created by Hackberry, an education company with proven experience teaching coding in India.

Includes curriculum, intuitive tools, and resources required to run a successful Coding program, without any external teachers.

Everything you need to make teaching coding in your classroom fun, easy, and effective!

why teachberry

Concept focussed curriculum developed by experts that's designed to teach coding concepts in a fun, easy, and effective way!

Hackberry has proven experience teaching coding to kids across premium schools in Mumbai

Easy to use platform that quips schools to teach kids without external teachers. All our learnings have been captured to help you make teaching easy and effective!

Opportunity for internal teachers to upskill with Hackberry’s training program

Concept focussed curriculum developed by experts that's designed to teach coding concepts in a fun, easy, and effective way!

Student Assessment tools available through the platform

Individual logins available for School Admin, Teacher, and Student, making this easy to implement and use!

Quick implementation possible - start a coding program at your school immediately!


Grade 1

Coding Unplugged and / or STEAM

Grade 2

Computational Thinking with Scratch Jr and / or STEAM

Grade 3

Introduction to Coding with Scratch

Grade 4

Advanced Coding Concepts with Scratch

Grade 5

Introduction to App Development

Grade 6

App Development - Advanced

Grade 7

Introduction to Web Development

Grade 8

web development advanced

Grade 9

introduction to Python

Grade 10

python advanced

how to use teachberry

School Teacher Trains the Student

Hackberry trains YOUR teachers

Detailed lesson plans and presentations provided

Students logins for concept notes, worksheets and assessments

Grading facility provided through the Teachberry platform and assessments.

Hackberry teaches students

Hackberry’s teachers will teach the students online

No teaching resources required

Students login for concept notes, worksheets and assessments.

Hackberry teachers will assess the students.

Teachberry faq’S

As per the school’s discretion

Every student will require a laptop for grade 2 upwards. STEAM programs require sourcing of materials for hands on activities.

The programs are designed to be taught once a week through the school year.


Over 10,000 kids across India and Abroad. At several schools including -

We introduced the Hackberry Coding program to our Grade 3, 4 and 5 students last year. The students were very engaged and enjoyed the programme immensely. They learned the basics of programming using Scratch. We were extremely satisfied with the content knowledge of the instructors and their handling of the students. We look forward to a long-term association with Hackberry.

Mrs. Nita Row

Junior School Head at Bombay International School

The coding programme led by passionate and experienced Hackberry educators at school is a favourite amongst many students at school. Teachers provide opportunities for both critical and creative thinking thereby facilitating students to make connections to real life situations, problem solve, generate novel ideas and develop new perspectives. We appreciate the promptness and 'let's do it' and 'yes we can' attitude of the Team

Kinjal Shah

PYP Coordinator at Fazlani L' Academie Globale

why should kids learn to code?

Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think

Steve jobs

Founder of Apple

Learning to code

Nurtures creativity

Builds curiosity

Provides active engagement

Encourages learning by doing

Develops problem solving skills

Creativity is as important as literacy.

- Sir Ken Robinson